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A February 2009 UCLA study revealed that fully 50% of senior citizens in Riverside County living alone lacked sufficient income to feed themselves adequately.

That shocking statistic prompted Hidden Harvest to create our Senior Produce Market concept. These markets are held in eight locations, twice each month at the same time and place. Each location is either designated Section 8 (or low income) housing for senior citizens, or in a disadvantaged area where low income seniors congregate based on census data.

Produce - during the peak harvesting season, as many as 12-16 items - is displaying on rolling carts and seniors “shop” for free as they go past the bounty. These shoppers arrived in wheelchairs, with oxygen, by scooter and by walker. Many have told us of their difficulty in afford fresh produce and frequently having to choose between the fresh foods they want and the prescription drugs they need.

Each market shopper takes home an average of nine pounds of produce from each market - or over 18 pounds per month. That’s a $45 savings in their grocery budget each month (based on USDA’s valuation of $2.49 per pound average for fresh produce.)

We also provide nutrition information and cooking tips for those who are unfamiliar with items like bok choy, napa cabbage and dandelion greens.

Senior Market Events!

Markets are held twice a month - The first and third Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

SEE EVENT CALENDAR for SUMMER SCHEDULE - July, August and September.

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CATHDRAL CITY - 9:00 am      The Cathedral Center                       37171 Buddy Rogers Rd, Cathedral City

PALM SPRINGS - 11:00 am
First Baptist Church,
588 Rosa Parks Rd, Palm Springs



INDIO - 9:00 am
Indio Senior Center,
45-700 Aladdin, Indio

COACHELLA - 11:00 am Coachella Senior Center 1540 7th St., Coachella



PALM SPRINGS - 9:00 am
Vista Serena Apartments,
1207 E. Vista Chino, Palm Springs

Mountain View Apartments,
68-680 Dinah Shore, Cathedral City

LA QUINTA - 12:00 pm
Seasons at La Quinta,
50-915 Rainbow Ct., La Quinta