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Hidden Harvest has been called a “blue chip investment” by donors and supporters, including people like former President Bill Clinton, former California First Lady Maria Shriver, People Magazine, National Public Radio, Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News and many others.

The term “blue chip investment” connotes a well-established and financially sound company that offers leverage to its investors. When we speak of HH as a “blue chip investment” we refer to our over thirteen year history of “rescuing” millions of pounds of produce that would otherwise have gone to waste while employing the working poor at a living wage to harvest it ($12.50/hour). But that’s not all our investors (donors and grant makers) get for their money! Hidden Harvest’s Board of Directors provide 100% of our administrative cost through their own annual contributions so that every dollar donated by the general public or received through grants, can go directly to providing healthy produce for the hungry.

In addition, every dollar of public contribution or from grants and foundations translates to 2.5 pounds of fresh, local produce for needy seniors, children, after-school programs, food banks and pantries. Compare our 40 cents per pound to the $2.49 per pound estimate made by the United States Department of Agriculture for fresh produce. Blue-chip indeed!